Games for Musicians

Ce projet expérimental est basé sur les écrits de Brian Eno, Games For Musicians.
« You are a musician at « Asteroid, » a space-based club (currently in geostationary orbit 180 miles above the surface of the Moon) catering mainly to the shaven, tattooed and androgynous craft-maintenance staff who gather there at weekends. They are a tough crowd who like it weird and heavy, jerky and skeletal, and who dance in sexy, violent styles. These people have musical tastes formed in their early teens in the mid-Nineties. Your big influence as a kid was the Funkadelics. »
Le travail repose sur l’étude de la lumière, des matières et du son par l’intermédiaire de maquettes, de vidéos et la réalisation de 3d paramétriques.



Lumières et Volumes

Essais Lumière